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Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

LiChoosing your wedding photographer is a big deal.

It is (in my very biased opinion of course!) one of the most important bookings you will make during your wedding planning. For many people, your wedding day is one of the only times you will book a professional photographer.

Why is that?

Because once the vows are spoken, the food has been eaten, the dress has been worn and the cake has been cut; you are left with your happy memories and the photographs to look back on in the years and decades to come. These are the photographs you’ll look back on at every anniversary, that will be passed down through the generations of your family, that will make you laugh and cry and reminisce every time you see them. We all know the importance of photography in our lives. As a kid, I was definitely one for exploring the boxes of old photographs of my parents. I was fascinated to see how they looked when they were young, the funny hair dos that were the fashion at the time and the relatives who passed away before I could meet them. These are super important moments – and this is why we only trust a professional photographer to do the job. Getting married is a huge deal and so choosing the photographer to capture those memories for you is also a big deal:)

The last few months have been my busy booking season. This is the time of year that I’m meeting new couples and replying to email enquiries every day. It’s definitely got me thinking about what it is that people look for in a wedding photographer – and how to make the right choice for YOU. There is the perfect photographer out there for everyone so it’s worth researching your options thoroughly before you make a decision. He’s my guide to picking your perfect photographer:)


Always explore their website fully! This is something I always mention to couples before they book me. I like to make sure they’ve explored everything on my site and so know my style inside out – the colours, the editing style, the poses, the black and whites..! It’s important to know your photographers style fully so you know exactly what to expect from them:)Their website is also a good indication as to how busy they are, how experienced they are…

Do they have a few different wedding photos on there – not just a selection of images from one or two weddings? Always check to see if they show full day weddings not just 10 or so of the very best shots from the day. If they don’t have this on their website, it’s fine to ask to see a full wedding day blog post:)

Their style:

Every photographer has a style – I would describe mine as being natural, relaxed, informal, bright and fun:-)

Their personality:

Before booking, I always like to meet couples face to face if possible or have a chat over Skype or the phone. I like to get to know couples before they book me and this is something that works best face to face – not over emails! Do they make you feel comfortable? Do you get on with them well?:)This is all very important stuff – your photographer is one of the only wedding suppliers who is by your side from the very start of the day, until the end. If their personality and yours don’t click – then it’s going to be hard work!

Products and Service:

Do they provide the kinds of albums you like? How many photos do you get? All this is worth asking and it’s great to see an example if they have one too:)

And last of all – budget:

This is a very tricky one to write about. It’s tricky because I feel very biased here when I say that I think investing in your photography is one of the most important parts of your wedding day – and so deserves as much of a budget as you can give it! And I know you’re probably reading this thinking ‘well yes, of course she thinks that because she IS a wedding photographer!’

But – hear me out ūüėČ

There is a huge range of wedding photography out there in terms of pricing. Photographers price themselves on their experience, the investments they have made in their equipment, the number of weddings they have photographed, the courses they have taken,¬†the popularity of their style, their insurance… Starting out as a wedding photographer is not a cheap thing to do but if it’s something they are good at and want to carry on doing – then they need to price themselves accordingly. If somebody is charging only¬†¬£250 for a full day wedding – then you need to ask yourselves why.

Everybody has a budget they need to stick to and that is completely understandable – but it’s¬†definitely food¬†for thought.


I hope this helps!

Happy wedding planning! X

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